The JPL Running Club

The JPL Running Club is one of the many employer-sponsored JPL Recreation Clubs, established to provide opportunities for Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) employees and contractors to participate in recreational activities that promote employee health, wellness and morale. The Running Club is dedicated to the promotion of running, jogging or walking for JPL employees, contractors, retirees, their families and friends.

Updated May 5, 2007

Results from recent years

33rd Annual Arroyo Seco Freako Microthon (Charles Voge Memorial Run), April 5, 2007

32nd Annual Arroyo Seco Freako Microthon (Charles Voge Memorial Run), March 31, 2006

30th Annual Arroyo Seco Freako Microthon (Charles Voge Memorial Run), April 1, 2004)

Results from years past

Club Events

  • Freako Microthon 5km
  • Spring Handicap 2 Mile
  • Spring 10km

    ERC and Non-Club Events

  • Los Angeles Marathon

    2003 Mojave 250+ Mile Death Race

    A JPL running club is entering a team in the 2003 250+ Mile Mojave Deathrace on Saturday and Sunday, June 21 &22, 2003. This is a team relay featuring a combined race for runners and cyclists across the Mojave Desert in California and Nevada. In 2001 our team finished the race in 24:52:23 (thats hours:minutes:seconds), placing FIRST in the corporate division and seventh overall out of twenty four teams.

  • JPL Running Club 2003 Death Race Home Page

    JPL Running Club Bulletin Board

    The JPL Running Club Bulletin Board is a place for running news, events and information exchange. Check back to this site often, as the bulletin board is routinely updated!

  • Bulletin Board

    JPL Facilities and Local Course Descriptions

    Where Can I Take A Shower On-Lab? Where Can You Go Run Near JPL? Follow this link for detailed descriptions of facilities and running courses on and around the Lab.

  • On-Lab Facilities Descriptions
  • Local Course Descriptions

    Links to Useful Running Pages...

  • Raceplace Online
  • Southern California Ultrarunning

  • The JPL Running Club Trivia:

  • Mark Ryne, President and Treasurer
  • Roy Kakuda, Vice President for Arthritis
  • Ken Erickson, Vice President for Membership
  • Membership is $4.00 per year, payable by April 15, 2002 Please make checks out to "JPL Running Club" and send them to the club Treasurer, Mark Ryne, mail stop 301-276.

    Web page maintained not frequently enough by Mark Ryne