2002 Arroyo Seco Freako 5 km Race Results

The 28th Annual Arroyo Seco Freako Microthon (Charles Voge Memorial) 5 km Race was held on Monday April 1, 2002. Twenty one enthusiastic runners followed the "traditional" course, which involves a single loop around Hahamongna Park (formerly Oak Grove or Devils Gate). The race features a varity of terrains including rolling hills, a kitty-corner crossing of a major thorough-fare, a tunnel, dirt trails and washed out roads.

Welcome to first time Club runner Steven Youra of Caltech. COLD drinks were provided for all participants. Thanks to race directors Bob Ibaven and Rich Benson for their well marked course and to Priscilla Benson for her support. Dave Scaff also jogged part of the course and then had to "run off" to a meeting.

Eric Rignot M 21:35
Ron Morgan M 22:38
Thierry Michel M 22:58
Steven Youra M 23:03
Larry Young M 23:38
Julianne Romero F 23:41
Steve Vass M 24:12
Dave Wald M 25:06
Robert Barrios M 25:55
Wayne Harvey M 25:55
Roy Kakuda M 26:02
Carlos Velazquez M 26:13
Paul Stella M 28:01
Fei Ming Morgan F 28:14
Earl Higa M 28:48
Bill Epping M 29:03
Richard Zuromski M 29:08
Ssm Dolinar M 32:05
Greg Ramos M 37:13
Eileen Clark F 37:17