Descriptions of On-Lab Facilities

The purpose of this page is to be a resource for people looking for places to change clothes, shower, or work out at JPL.

There are a number of locker rooms on-lab (with and without showers). Most of the rooms do not require a key - you just walk in and use the facility. On the other hand, use of lockers is by assignment ONLY. Contact Charlene Wolf (354-5535)of the security office if you want to be assigned a vacant locker. Locks for lockers are provided by JPL Facilities, after the locker has been assigned. No personal locks are permitted on lockers.

There is also a Physical Conditioning Facility (PCF) for JPL employees only (sorry contractors - it's some sort of insurance thing). The equipment includes exercycles, some free weights, tread mill, rowing and climbing machines, and a Universal Gym. It has an external locker area with separate mens and womens shower rooms. Access to the gym is controlled by badge reader, and authorization to use the facility requires a physical checkup at Medical Services. Locker assignments for the PCF are handled by facilities. It is my understanding that all the lockers are currently taken and there is no waiting list. That should not stop you from using the room, since many people just put their cloths on the benches or floor. For access, call Ross Curtright (354-8684) and ask for a "Gym Form", then call Medical Services for a check-up (354-3319).

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