Description of the La Canada Bridle Trail Course:

by Donald L. Gray

Starting at the JPL South Gate, go left down narrow trail between fences separating JPL and Forest Service Facility. Turn right at T intersection and take the road toward Hahamongna (aka Oak Grove) Park.

Take bridal trail on right side of road. Follow this through to the south end of park (or take the road to the same end). Continue on the road south towards Devils Gate Dam (can also go left at the T intersection, and right down the open Arroyo Seco toward the Dam and right up to here). Climb up to Oak Grove Drive for a short stretch where the old bridge to the Dam no longer exists. Squeeze down through the fence back onto the road over the Dam.

As you go further down this road there is a small horseback/pedestrian underpass under Oak Grove Drive and the 210 Freeway. Take this to the right, and continue to the right, passing the riding academy and crossing the creek. Now you are on the bridal trail. It comes up to the street shortly after crossing under Berkshire Ave (the astute explorer will realize he can alternately just go down Oak Grove Drive to Berkshire Ave and go right to this point).

Follow the various turnings (some with signs) through La Canada. Finally it climbs up the hill and ends on the various hiking trails/fire roads around the San Rafael Hills above Rte. 2.

Alternative endings are possible, such as getting off on the road and going up to Descanso Gardens.

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