Description of the Rose Bowl Trail Course:

by Donald L. Gray

Starting at the JPL East Gate, turn right before the bridge. Go down dirt road and cross the Arroyo Seco Creek. Continue on the dirt road past the settling basins and the softball diamond to the Devils Gate Dam. Cross the road and go through the horseback/pedestrian underpass, then down the hill behind the dam.

At this point start a circular route by turning right and crossing the creek under the 210 Freeway. Proceed along dirt trail. Soon the golf course appears on your left. Then cross a road and continue down the trail on the right side of the Rose Bowl road.

At the foot of the bowl & golf course, cross over the road to the left. Cross over below the Rose Bowl on the parking lots and start back up on the other (East) side. Soon the bridal trail appears again on the right side of the road. Go back up past the Rose Bowl on this trail (or on the road). Beyond the Rose Bowl, finally take the road.

Where the road finally forces you to start up the hill out of this arroyo, take a dirt road to the left alongside the golf course. This dirt road leads back to the foot of the dam where you started the circular part of this trail.

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