Description of the 1984-1997 Arroyo Seco Freako Microthon 5-K Course:

by Sam Dolinar

Starting in 1984 and continuing through 1997, the Arroyo Seco Freako Microthon was run on a measured 5-K course that stayed entirely on the west side of the Arroyo Seco wash. During this period there were no safe and reliable crossings of the wash other than the bridge at JPL's East Gate. The Flint Canyon Bridge just west of Devil's Gate Dam was condemned in the early 1980s and later razed, and the alternate bridge across Flint Canyon along Oak Grove Drive was unsafe for runners until the City of La Canada-Flintridge erected a tall chain link fence along the roadway in the mid 1990s.

Here's the map describing the Arroyo Seco Freako Microthon 5-K course used from 1984 through 1997.