JPL Runners Club Event Registration and Waivers

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Caltech/JPL requires that all participants in Running Club events sign a waiver, valid throughout the current calendar year.
Check here to see if you're on our list of runners who have already submitted waivers for the current calendar year.

If you're on our list of runners with pre-submitted waivers, then pre-registration for a Running Club race is easy. Simply tell the race director:

• that you intend to run
• that you have a signed waiver on file
• any additional race-specific information that the race director might ask for

After that, all you have to do is show up on race day and make sure that your name is checked off the pre-printed list of pre-registrants for that race.

If you don't have a pre-submitted waiver on file, you can still be a pre-registrant for a Running Club race if you first submit a waiver, and then follow the same steps listed above. To submit a waiver, you need to:

Download a blank waiver form.
• Print the blank waiver, fill it out, and sign it.
• Either mail your signed paper waiver to Sam Dolinar (JPL Mail Stop 238-420), or scan it and email the digital copy to A black-and-white scan is OK. Please include your name at the beginning of the filename in the form "Lastname_Firstname".

Pre-registration is strongly preferred for all Running Club races, but we never turn away walk-in registrants on race day. If you're a walk-in registrant, you need to:

• arrive at the race well before the scheduled start to allow sufficient time for walk-in registration
• make sure that your name (and other race-specific info) is entered on a sign-up sheet for walk-ins
• sign a waiver (separate from the walk-in sign-up sheet) obtained from the race's registrar