The Club's Off 'n' Running Newsletter

From 1985 until the mid-1990s the Running Club published its semi-regular Off 'n' Running newsletter. Editors over the years included Valerie Pickett, Jim Ulvestad, Stephanie Nelson, and Cathleen Stevens.

In its early years this newsletter was published more or less monthly, but its official publication schedule was according to the motto on its masthead: Published Every So Off'n (whenever all the news to print just fits). In those days, "just fits" meant fitting it on one double-sided sheet with sufficient space in the margin for a mailing label.

Archived Off 'n' Running issues

1985 (edited by Valerie Pickett) Jan Feb-Mar Apr May Jun-Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

1986 (edited by Valerie Pickett) Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun-Aug Oct Dec-Jan

1987-88 (edited by Jim Ulvestad) Feb Apr May Jul Aug Sep Jan88 Mar88

1988 (edited by Stephanie Nelson) Jun Jul Aug-Sep Sep Oct Dec

1989-90 (edited by Stephanie Nelson) Jan Apr Jun Dec Jan90 Dec90

1992 (edited by Cathleen Stevens) Oct

1993 (edited by ??) Feb Mar Jul