Death Race Detailed Leg Description and Directions to Hand-Off Points

This is a detailed description of the individual legs and directions to hand-off points of the Death Race. There are some minor inconsistencies between this version, the brief version and the description in the application form. This is because the race course changes a bit from year to year.

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Leg #1 - 10.0 mi. (RUN - asphalt to dirt and gravel) Start and Finish. Located near the Gold Strike Casino around an area where dirt motorcycles are ridden over small hills in the desert. This leg starts on a not so used paved road parallel to I-15. Generally this leg is between the Gold Strike Casino and the Buffalo Bill Casino on the dirt access road along the high powerlines. About a mile before Buffalo Bills the runner takes a left turn towards the railroad tracks and the next leg. The runners will start on pavement for 1.5 miles. The next 8.5 miles is run on a combination of dirt road and deteriorated pavement surface.

Leg #2 - 10.0 mi. (RUN - dirt & gravel & rock) This exchange point is under the high powerlines, near the railroad tracks, behind Buffalo Bills Casino. There is a R/R Railroad Crossing sign next to the exchange point. Parking is available near the casinos. The ten miles is run on the dirt access road along the railroad tracks. The road surface is dirt for about 6 miles then turns to dirt and gravel and continues to become more gravel and rock as the runner nears the hand off area.

Leg #3 - 14.0 mi. (MTN BIKE - dirt & sand) To find this exchange point take the Nipton Rd. exit off Interstate 15 (right turn) towards the town of Searchlight. At the town of Nipton (just over the railroad tracks) there is a paved road to the left. Take this road for about 3 miles where it ends and park. There will be a large cement underpass leading to the exchange point. There is not enough room for RV's so plan accordingly. There is an RV campground at the town of Nipton with about 40 sites. This is a Mtn. bike leg on the dirt road along the railroad tracks for about 4 miles when there is a "Y" intersection near the high powerlines. The bicyclists turns right and proceeds along the powerline road across the desert to the next exchange point.

Leg #4 - 6.0 mi. (RUN - asphalt & dirt) This leg begins on a dirt powerline road and quickly tuns left onto Ivanpah Rd. There is asphalt for 5 miles then dirt road for 1 mile. This leg can be reached by exiting I-15 at Nipton Rd. towards the town of Searchlight and turn right on Ivanpah Rd. Exchange point 4 is ahead on Ivanpah Rd.

Leg #5 - 12.0 mi. (MTN BIKE - dirt) Dirt road for the entire leg. Still on Ivanpah Rd. 12 miles from exchange point #4. There is a sign "GOLDOME" across the street from the exchange point. Vehicles must be parked to the extreme right side of the shoulder and at least 1/3 mile forward pst the exchange point.

Leg #6 - 6.0 mi. (RUN - dirt) Simply 12 miles forward of exchange point #5 on Ivanpah Rd. Approximately 1/2 miles forward of this exchange point there is a cattle sign and fence. The P/X cattle ranch is just beyond the fence.

Leg #7 - 19.5 mi. (MTN BIKE - dirt) This exchange point is just before the intersection of Landfair and Cedar Rd. (convenient parking on Cedar Rd.). The exchange point is set up just after the National Park Service directional sign. As the bicyclists proceed they will arrive at a "T" intersection at Goffs & Landfair Rd. This will cause a Zig-Zag maneuver. Turn left over the R/R tracks and right onto Mtn. Springs Rd. The leg ends about 2 miles ahead.

Leg #8 - 10.0 mi. (RUN - asphalt) There is a "CAUTION do not dig becase of under ground electrical wires" sign on a dirt road off to the right sode of Mtn. Springs Rd. as you are proceeding towards I-40. This is were the exchange point should be set up. There are a few other dirt foads forward of the exchange point on the left side for vehicle parking. Mtn. Springs Rd. is a combination of dirt road and broken gravel pavement until the runner crosses over I-40 and turns right onto Route 66. Exit Mtn. Springs Rd. and turn north to this exchange point.

Leg #9 - 31.0 mi. (RD BIKE - asphalt) This leg is 10 miles from exchange point 8 where you will find a spacious compact dirt and gravel area on the right side of Route 66 to set up exchange point 9. As one stands at this location facing I-40 and a line of telephone poles, they should notice two small poles at the base of the second telephone pole on the left. Along the roadway about 2/10 of a mile forward of the exchange point is a bridge and guardrail with the numbers 134 / A15 / 2T. Vehicles must park beyond this bridge forward of the exchange point on the shoulder of the road. This leg is pavement and entirely on Historical Route 66. Use the Mtn. Springs Rd. exit off Interstate 40, and turn (East) to reach this exchange point.

Leg #10 - 6.0 mi. (RUN - asphalt) The exchange point is located just before the intersection of Cadiz Rd. and the National Trail Rd. on Route 66. Parking is available around the area on several dirt and gravel lots. Pavement for the entire leg. Direction to this exchange point are the same as Leg #11

Leg #11 - 6.5 mi. (RUN - asphalt) Set up of this exchange point is just behind the yellow and black Kellerbaker Rd. intersection sign. The runners will turn right on Kellerbaker Rd. after the handoff. Vehicles must park on the opposite side of the roadway, beyond the exchange point and the intersection towards the city of "Amboy". Reach this exchange point by exiting off Interstate 40 at Kellbaker Rd. turn right (south) towards Old Route 66.

Leg #12 - 20.5 mi. (RD BIKE - asphalt) This leg is 6.5 miles from Leg #11 on Kellerbaker Road. The wntire leg is asphalt and progressively hard uphill. Climbs about 2000 ft. in elevation for 10.0 miles, rolling hills for 5.o miles then downhill for the last 5.5 miles. Vehicles must park on the same side of the road as the exchange point 1/3 miles of a mile forward of same. This leg ends around Devils Playground near Kelso Dunes. Directions to this leg is the same as Leg #11.

Leg #13 - 8.5 mi. (RUN - asphalt) Just before Kelso Dunes on Kelbaker Road there are a couple of steel gray buildings and one silo building about 250 ft. off the roadway. Vehicles may park on the powerline access roads leading out to the desert. The exchange point is set up on the roadway opposite these buildings near another powerline road entrance. To reach this location exit at Kelbaker Rd. off Interstate 40 and turn north or exit Kelbaker Rd. off Interstate 15 and turn south. The city of Baker is next to the exit off I-15.

Leg #14 - 12.0 mi. (RD BIKE - asphalt) Exchange point set up is just before the Railroad tracks on Kelbaker Rd. There is an "Interstate 40 / 18 Miles" sign directly across from the exchange point area. Runner will proceed over the tracks and turn right on to Kelso Cima Road passing the Old Kelso Depot. If the Bicyclists proceeds on Kelbaker Rd. they will be going in the wrong direction. To reach this location follow direction for Leg #13.

Leg #15 - 7.5 mi. (RUN - asphalt) Roller coaster type course the entire leg. Climbs about 1000 ft. over the 7.5 miles. Exchange point is located on Kelso Cima Rd. 12 miles from Leg #14. There is a large (200 ft) strip of asphalt next to the exchange point area. Vehicles can find parking at other turn out areas 1/3 of a mile forward of the exchange point on the same side of the road. To reach this exchange point follow the directions in Leg #13.

Leg #16 - 19.5 mi. (RD BIKE - asphalt) Exchange point is set up at a turn out area just before Cima/Kelso Rd. Junction. The turn out area is about 4/10 of a mile before the "Cima Store". Bicyclists will need to turn left at the junction and proceed uphill on "Cima Rd". Elevation increases about 1000 ft. over the first 7.0 miles then downhill for about a 1500 ft. decline to the next exchange point. This leg can be reached by exiting at Cima Rd. off Interstate 15, turn East past the only gas station around to the cim Rd & Kelbaker Rd. Juction

Leg #17 - 6.5 mi. (RUN - asphalt) This leg is set up on Kingston Rd. 1/2 mile west of Interstate 15, 100 ft past the 45 mph right curve sign. There is a dirt road with several pole signs warning of electrical wires at the exchange point set-up area. There is parking on the powerline roads across from the exchange point. To reach this leg exit on Cima Rd. off I-15 and turn left (west) over the freeway to Kingston Rd.

Leg #18 - 6.0 mi. (RUN - asphalt) Exchange point located on Kingston Rd. approximately 7.0 miles west of Interstate 15. There is an orange pole and galvanized pole next to the road where the exchange point is set-up. Vehicles must park on roadside 3/10 of a mile forward of exchange point or on dirt road if workable.

Leg #19 - 21.5 mi. (MTN BIKE - dirt & gravel to asphalt) On Kingston Rd. about 2/10 of a mile before Kingsston Rd. and Excelsior Rd. Junction there is a 25 mph sign. Exchange point should be set-up about 100 feet in front of this sign. There is plenty of parking available on Excelsior Rd. just ahead of the exchange point. The bicyclists must turn right on Kingston Rd. to proceed in the correct direction. The first 12 miles is dirt and gravel then it turns to asphalt. About 18.0 miles into this leg the bicyclists will come to an intersection. Keep heading straight to the next exchange point. Please note: this is a strange road that tends to twist and bend. Keep on this road. Do not turn on any other roads. Remember to look for the intersection around 18.0 miles. The road turns to Sandy Valley Rd. in Nevada and starts a steep up grade from this intersection. To reach this leg turn west after exiting off Interstate 15 on Cima Rd. The road on the west side of the freeway is Kingston Rd.

Leg #20 - 8.5 mi. (RUN - asphalt) This exchange point is approximately 12 miles west of the Gold Strike Casino on Route 160. Turn left at the "Y" intersection just before the town of Goodsprings. Proceed up and over the hill and the exchange point should be set-up just past the road marker that reads 9.0 mi. Also there is a diamond shape road just near an old strip of asphlat road where the exchange point should be located. Vehicles must park safely forward of the exchange point. Direction to this exchange point are as stated. However, it may be eaiser to turn right at the "Y" intersection and drive throught the town of Goodsprings. Then turn left on Sandy Valley R. so the vehicles will be on the right side of the road facing the direction the runners are proceeding.

Leg #21 - 8.5 mi. (RUN - asphalt) This exchange point is located on Route 161 off Interstate 15 near the Gold Strike Casino. The exchange point is 4.7 miles from the small Nevada Landing sign near the Shell Gas station 9/10 of a mile from the last powerline pole along Route 161 heading towards the town of Goodsprings. There is a clearing along the roadside near this location. Vehicles must park safely on the shoulder of the road 3/10 of a mile forward of the exchange point.

Last updated: January 6, 1998