Orange County Marshals Dept's Athletic Team

Third Annual Presentation


June 6 & 7, 1998

Welcome to the annual Mojave Desert Relay. This race is not just another pretty race but 21 races withing one fun, challenging and spectacular event. The Race organizers hope you enjoy yourself and participate in a safe and sportsman like manner. Please follow the rules and obey all laws. Remember to take care of the race course and keep our desert free from damage. Leave No Trace means that after we have gone past our desert course should be in the same condition it was before we arrived. The race organizers wish to thank the following groups for their assistance in helping to make this funtastic event possible: The National Parks Preserve, Bureau of Land Management; California Highway Patrol, Nevada Highway Patrol, California Dept. of Transportation, Union Pacific Railroad, Nevada Dept. of Transportation, Buffalo Bill's Hotel Casino, Primadonna Hotel Casino, Whiskey Pete's Hotel Casino, New York New York Casino, the communities of Primm, Jean, Nipton, Ivanpah, Kelso, Nevada and other individuals too numerous to name. Participants in this race are encouraged to share in the many scenic areas throughout the desert communities. Please remember that we all are visitors here and wish to be welcomed back. Participants should do their share to help protect the surrounding desert areas, be civil and courteous to everyone and assist others needing help.


The race will start and finish on the roadway along I-15 freeway, approximately 8 miles north of the Buffalo Bill Casino.


This race will begin at 7:00 a.m. Saturday morning! Teams are expected to finish between 20 and 25 hours.


Following is a list of hotels associated with the race and their telephone numbers:
Start and Finish Line Area:
NIPTON HOTES					760-856-2335

Las Vegas:
NEW YORK, NEW YORK CASINO			888-693-6763

ROY'S MOTEL & CAFE (gas station)		760-733-4236

R.V. sites along the race course:
Primadonna Casino RV Resort (start area)	800-386-7867
Hi Sahara Oasis / off I-40 near legs 7,8,9	760-733-4032
Pax's R.V. Campground (near leg #11)		760-733-4565
Full hookup on Route 66
Nipton Trading Post (near leg #3)		760-856-2335
Full Hookup


Teams will consist of 12 participants, 9 members must complete 2 legs. 3 members must complete 1 leg and remain as alternates. No participant may complete back to back legs.


Open: Anyone crazy enough to participate
Corporate: 10 of the participants must be employed by a specific company.
Law Enforcement: 10 members must be employed by the same department.
Fire:  10 members must be employed by the same department.
Military: 10 members must be assigned to the same company.
Women: All members must be Female.
Mixed: 6 Females and 6 Males.
Masters: All members must be over 40 years old on or before race day.


Entry into this race will cost $550 per team. Make checks payable to Mojave 250 Relay and sent to 1000 N. Parton St. Suite "E", Santa Ana, CA, 92701. Entries are limited to the first 100 paid teams. O.C.M.D. Athletic Team reserves the right to cancel the race at any time and refund all entry fees.


There will be 2 Team Captain meeting before race day at the Country Harvest Buffet Restaurant, Banquet Room. 1008 East 17th Street, Santa Ana, California. Thur., April 30 and Thru. May 28, 1998 / 6 p.m. Teams more than 90 minutes away please call 714-953-4440 for alternate arrangements. 1 Team Meeting will take place on June 6, 1998 at 7:30 p.m. (the night before race day) in the desert area at the rear of the Primadonna Casino R.V. park. Look for a flag pole with hanging balloons.


The following awards will be in place once there are enough teams in the race to allow mug purchases. However, award modifications will be made for fewer teams. "Big Mo" will be the perpetual trophy for the winners to keep until the following years race. the top 30% of the teams in each division will receive decorated logo and numbered 16 oz. Beer mugs for all team members. All remaining teams will receive one colored souvenir mug for each member. The awards roundup will be held between 11:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. Sunday. The tentative location is in the desert area behind the Primadonna Hotel R.V. campground.


This is a desert race so what can you expect??? Each leg of the race is unique unto itself. This course challenges every team from every aspect. Teamwork, Terrain, Temperature, Time of day, Weather, Elevation, Road surfaces not to mention teamwork again. Without a doubt this race will test every organizations' unification and sportsmanship. Generally, the course starts 3 miles south of the Gold Strike Casino on a road that parallels Interstate 15 toward Whiskey Petes Casino. Then turns onto a dirt road along the Union Pacific Railroad, passing the town of Tipton. Continues following the railroad service road and transferring on to powerline roads across the vast desert to the town of Ivanpah. The course continues over the New York and Hackberry Mountains. Reaching the town of Goff and approaching Interstate 40 towards Needles, CA the course then turns onto old Route 66. After traveling along the Route 66 passing through Essex, Danby and Cardiz for forty miles the course loops back towards Las Vegas the long way up Kellerbaker Rd. over Old Dad and Granite Mountains past Devil's Playground arriving at the town of Kelso. The race proceeds along Kelso Rd. to Cima Rd. through the Joshua Tree Forest over the Ivanpah Mountains and crosses over Interstate 15. Then beyond the freeway over Clark and Shadow Mountains the course passes by the towns of Sandy and Goodsprings finally ending back at Jean, Nevada and returning to the Start & Finish line. Simple enough??? Detailed maps and diagrams will be provided to all teams.


GRADES: F=Flat; SU=Slightly Uphill; US=Uphill Steep;
DH=Downhill; DS= Downhill Steep; RD=Rolling Dips.

SURFACES: P=Pavement; D=Dirt; DG=Dirt and Gravel;
RS=Rough Surface; T=Treacherous.

DIFFICULTY:1=Hardest; 21=Easiest

 Leg # / Distance / Type / Terrain / Surface / Nickname / Difficulty

 1 /10.0/RUN        /F-RS    /2-P 8-D   / Buffalo Bill's Get-A-Way  /10
 2 /10.0/RUN        /F-RS-T  /6.5-D 3-DG/ Union Pacific Trail       / 8
 3 /14.0/MTN BIKE   /F-RS-T  /DG        / Nipton Turtle Terror      / 3
 4 / 6.0/RUN        /US-RS   /5.5P 2.5D / Ivanpah Goat Hill         / 1
 5 /12.0/MTN BIKE   /F-RS    /D         / New York Mtn Plateau      /15
 6 / 6.0/RUN        /F-DH-RS /DG        / Barwell Town Trail        /16
 7 /19.5/MTN-RD BIKE/DH-RS   /D         / Lanfair-Grotto Gutbuster  /13
 8 /10.0/RUN        /F-RS    /P         / Goffs Giddy-up 10 miler   /12
 9 /31.0/RD BIKE    /F-P     /27-F 4-DS / Route 66-31 MI Trek       /11
10 / 6.0/RUN        /F       /P         / Cadiz-Saltus Six Miler    /20
11 / 6.5/RUN        /UP      /P         / Bristol Mountain Boogie   / 5
12 /20.5/RD BIKE    /10-SU 5-RD 5.5-DH  / Killer Kelbaker Climb     / 4
13 / 8.5/RUN        /DH      /P         / Devils Playground Pursuit /18
14 /12.0/RD BIKE    /F-SU-RD /P         / Kelso Cringe              / 9
15 / 7.5/RUN        /F-SU-RD /P         / Railroad Rollercoaster Rd / 6
16 /19.5/RD BIKE    /7-SU 10-DH 2.5-F   / Joshua Forest Fury        / 7
17 / 6.5/RUN        /F       /P         / Shadow Mtn Shuffle        /19
18 / 6.0/RUN        /F       /P         / Kingston Rd Cruise        /21
19 /20.5/MTN BIKE   /U-US-D-DS-F-U-US/12-D 11.5-P/ Spring Struggle  / 2
20 / 8.5/RUN        /US-DS-DH/P         / Wilson Passout Peak       /14
21 / 8.5/RUN        /DH-F    /P         / Goodsprings-Jean Jubilee  /17


Athletes should wear proper clothing and shoes for the course conditions they might encounter. Bicycles should be in good working condition for the terrain.


The highly skilled Orange County C.A.R.E.S. Coastal Amateur Radio Emergency Services will coordinate the communication services for the race. We recommend all teams have an amateur radio operator in their SAS Van. This should be mandatory and is highly recommended for everyones safety. Each team will be required to establish their own communications system. Contact your local Amateur Radio organization for assistance. Cellular telephones may no work along the course. It is highly recommended that cellular telephones be tested along the course prior to race day.


Volunteers will be needed for each team in order to make this a safe, fun and successful event. Requirements will be discussed at the Team Captians meeting.


This type of race geographically and logistically is very difficult. Everyone associated with the race: competitors, support personnel, or spectators must lend a hand to keep this a safe event. we must police each other to insure proper conduct. The law enforcement agencies (California and Nevada Dept. of Transportation, Highway Patrols, State and Federal Rangers and local police and authorities) will be monitoring this event and their observations may determine future races. We are guests of the desert and the many communities. Please respect the residents and others using the roadways and obey all laws.
  1. Safety is of the utmost importance. Please think safety before, during and after the race.
  2. Runners and bicyclists must read waiver and sign same if they choose to run or bike.
  3. Runners and bicyclists should properly train to complete the distances they have selected.
  4. Team numbers must be worn and visible on the front of each runner and biker.
  5. Verbal altercations or unsportsmans like conduct with any official or their representative will not be tolerated.
  6. Only official vehicles used by Race Marshals will be allowed in exchange point areas. All other vehicles will park in authorized areas. This means you might be walking up to 1/2 mile from where you park to the exchange point.
  7. All items of trash will be removed by those persons responsible.
  8. No alcohol will be consumed by any participants during the race or along the race course (runners, bicyclists, support crews and spectators, this means everyone). Any violation of this rule will cause immediate disqualification and removal of the offending team.
  9. Everyone must work together to leave the desert and it habitat in the same condition it was when we arrived.


  1. Each competitor must check-in at his designated exchange point in a reasonable amount of time before his anticipated tap-off. One hour is recommended! (Remember there may be a crowd so don't be late).
  2. The same designated 12 team members that start the race are the only persons to participate in the race.
  3. All competitors must use the right hand portion of the roadway or shoulder. Do not short-cut the course!
  4. Competitors will not be allowed to draft on different teams competitors. Proper distances in front, to the sides, and behind the others should be used. However, all participants will be allowed to have their own pacer. This means a friend, family or other team members my keep competitors company along the course.
  5. Slower competitors must yield to passing competitors.
  6. Each competitor must have the official wristband provided. Runners and bicyclist must carry the wrist band on their wrist at all times. No person other than the designated competitor may wear the wristband.
  7. Waiting competitors must take the tap-off within the marked area. Not before, not after!
  8. No competitor will be physically assisted in forward movement in any manner by any means, unless there exists a clear and present dangerous health condition to the competitor.
  9. All competitors will wear an operable safety light visible to the rear of the competitor at all times of day or night (approx. $10 at local dept. stores, K-mart, Walmart bicycle sections).
  10. Bicycles used during darkness must be street legal and have lights front and rear.
  11. Helmets are required to be worn by bicyclists.
  12. All competitors wanting to participate must fill out the medical information on the back of their race bib number.
  13. Caution should be taken when using sun blocks! They may keep the body heat in and boil the body and brain.
  14. No one is allowed to warm up, stretch, walk about, play, dance, or loiter on any roadway along the race course at anytime.
  15. Delays caused by unforeseen reasons (traffic accident, railroad crossings, road construction) should be noted on the final team roster.
  16. All mile 4 of Leg #1 teams MUST have a support bicyclist assist runners of Leg #1, Leg#2 and possibly Leg#3 (55 miles of Mtn Bike).
  17. Optional - We recommend that teams replace the support bicyclist at Leg#3. Since this is a Mtn Bike leg, the support bicyclist may have difficulty keeping up with the competing bicyclist. No competitor is allowed to proceed alone in any leg of this race. They must be watched at all times.
  18. One competitor per log. If a competitor cannot complete their leg the next competitor may bike or run back to the disabled runner, tap-off and complete the remainder of the leg. They must also complete his entire next leg. The clock keeps running and any lost time will apply to the total time of that leg and finish time of the team.


Teams are expected to compete in a fair, honest and spirited fashion within our race rules and instructions. We ask that teams monitor one another for violations and report them using the race protest forms. Protests must be made within 30 minutes of the protesting teams finishing time. Late protests will be considered invalid. Our race committee will consider each protest and take appropriate action.


Loss of time penalties will be applied to teams violating the rules.


Cramps, Needles, IV's, Ambulance Rides, Medical bills, Helicopter Rides. More Medical bills, Bruised egos, Terrible record time and Possible DEATH!!! These can be yours if you do not drink enough WATER. The desert is as magnificent as it is brutal. Each person should be drinking water hours before they participate. Drink 1 quart of water each half hour for five hours before you receive the tap-off. Any less and you might be drinking it through a needle. This is NOT a nice friendly 5K or 10K early some Sunday morning at 8:00 o'clock. Also, the idea that you are not competing until late in the evening or early morning at 2:30 am doesn't exempt anyone. The desert doesn't case. The air is dry 24 hours a day. Ever heard of freeze dried bodies laying along a lonely desert road? There have been many well seasoned veteran marathon runners that have fallen victim to the mighty Mojave. Usually their post hospitalization statements are "I've never had something like this happen to me before. It hit me in an instant and like a ton of bricks. I really thought I drank enough water".


Van must be in perfect working conditions. Plan for a back-up! 1. Mandatory equipment: 10 Gals. of water / snake bite kit / 2 gal. water sprayer / drink water bottles / ice and ziplock bags or chemical ice pack / ace bandage / first aid kit / two working flashlights with extra batteries / flares or safety lights / strobe lights / stop watches / clip board, pen & pencils / trash bags / red personal safety lights for competitors / blanket / umbrella / chest full of ice. 2. Recommended equipment: duct tape / white shoe polist / toilet paper / binoculars / snacks and drinks / bicycle repair equipment / 5 gallons of gas in a proper safety can / goggles / dust mask. 3. Team sign: Illuminated preferred Must be made of durable material (able to withstand high winds and driving speed), showing the team name and number, mounted on the roof and should be readable from front and right side. 4. Runner/Bicyclist sign: Mounted on the rear of the vehicle. Should read "CAUTION! RACE IN PROGRESS", large type. 5. Strobe light: Yellow or amber light mounted on the roof or top of team sign. 6. All SAS vans will be required to pass an inspection on race day. Any SAS van failing inspection will not be permitted to participate. No team may run without an SAS van that has passed inspection. 7. It is highly recommended that Amateur radio operators be used in the SAS vans for team communication and coordination.


  1. SAS vans will follow runners and bicyclist starting at Leg#4. The SAS crew members keep the competitors safe and record their times. SAS vans must remain behind the competitors at all times when possible.
  2. SAS van crews should position themselves in a safe position to keep the bicyclist safe as they proceed along the race course. It may not be necessary to follow behind the bicyclist as closely as it is for the runners.
  3. SAS van support crews must complete a time sheet for each competitor. The time sheet must be placed in the time capsule and be delivered to the time keepers approximately 3 miles beyond each exchange point. Possible Runner/Bicyclist 1 and 5 miles logs.
  4. While following competitors SAS vans will drive to the far right side of the roadway and use the shoulder of the road whenever possible.
  5. No vehicles other than official race vehicles will be allowed within 100 yards of the start line or exchange points. There will be parking a distance away from these areas so plan to do a little walking.
  6. No vehicles shall stop or park on the shoulder of any roadway along the course. Vehicle drivers should look for existing parking or roads that may be used for short term parking.
  7. SAS van crews may assist bicyclist to repair or replace their bicycles during the race. A back-up bicycle may be used.


At this time motor homes or vehicles that can accommodate 7-10 competitors are recommended. Shuttle vehicles will be allowed from Legs 4 through Leg 21. These vehicles will precede the competitors to the exchange points with the next person receiving the tap-off.


We highly recommend that each team have an EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN (EMT) or CPR-First Aid trained person as a member of their ASAS crew for this event. The SAS van crew is responsible for the safety of their competitors. Safety and Caution is the rule of the road. Each competitor should be watched carefully for sign of dehydration, heat exhaustion, fatigue, heart attack or any warning signs leading to problems. The SAS crew should be aware of what action to take to render aid for the medical problems. This is where communication becomes the disabled persons lifeline. Establish a plan "NOW" before race day. More information and discussion will be presented at the Team Captians meetings.



Individual teams and participants are responsible for any and all costs incurred for medical treatment and transportation. Each team is responsible for obtaining their own medical insurance or making sure that each of their members have their own medical insurance. This medical insurance coverage information along with a copy of the person's driver's license must be kept in the SAS van at all times.


Plan ahead now for a fun and exciting race. Plan to leave the desert area in the same condition as when we arrive. Plan to be kind to the many communities and people we will meet along the race course. Plan to keep everyone safe and sane to return home in one piece. Plan to bring lots of water. Plan to bring ice chests full of crushed ice. Plan ahead for the worst that can happen in a 250 Mile death Race somewhere in the middle of the desert.


Mojave 250-Mile Death Race / June 1997 Mens Records
LEG  DIST  TYPE   TEAM               NAME               TIME     AGE
  1  10.0  Run    So Ca Edision#2    Davis E             59:49    41
  2  10.0  Run    So Ca Edision#2    Crosswhite J        58:11    39
  3  14.0  Bike   Canables           Ruffino J          1:06:24   42
  4   6.0  Run    Navy Seals         Ryan P               40:39   30
  5  12.0  Bike   Dead Ringers       Burgess J            44:39   42
  6   6.0  Run    Dead Ringers       Loya R               37:17   24
  7  19.0  Bike   Canables           Carillo C            48:49   42
  8  10.0  Run    Navy Seals                              57:52   
  9  31.0  Bike   So Ca Edision#2    Peneseyres P       1:09:04   54
 10   6.0  Run    So Ca Edision#2    Davis E              34:16   41
 11   6.5  Run    So Ca Edision#2    Irvine D             49:49   4_
 12  21.5  Bike   Canables           Bernier M          1:03:41   37
 13   7.5  Run    So Ca Edision#2    Clemente T           47:28   3_
 14  12.0  Bike   Navy Seals         Sanchez J            43:45
 15   7.5  Run    U S Border Patrol  Fuler B              47:57   33
 16  19.5  Bike   U S Border Patrol  Pena A               43:20   30
 17   6.5  Run    So Ca Edision#2    Jeppson S            37:09   29
 18   6.0  Run    So Ca Edision#2    Tickell D            37:01   34
 19  21.5  Bike   So Ca Edision#2    Peneseyres P       1:04:10   54
 20   8.5  Run    Navy Seals         McClelland J         57:42   34
 21   8.5  Run    Navy Seals                              52:03

Mojave 250-Mile Death Race / June 1997 Womens Records
LEG  DIST  TYPE   TEAM               NAME               TIME     AGE
  1  10.0  Run    
  2  10.0  Run    
  3  14.0  Bike   
  4   6.0  Run    
  5  12.0  Bike   
  6   6.0  Run    
  7  19.0  Bike   Dead Ringers       Peak M               55:29   42
  8  10.0  Run    
  9  31.0  Bike   
 10   6.0  Run    U S Border Patrol  Vargas H             40:39   30
 11   6.5  Run    
 12  21.5  Bike   
 13   7.5  Run    So Ca Edision#1    Peters K             59:02
 14  12.0  Bike   So Ca Edision#1    Harder R           1:06:17   41
 15   7.5  Run    Dead Ringers       Rusallo K          1:00:13
 16  19.5  Bike   
 17   6.5  Run    
 18   6.0  Run    Dead Ringers       Jui V                48:50
 19  21.5  Bike   OC Marshals Dept   Peake M             1:27:56  42
 20   8.5  Run    
 21   8.5  Run    

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