The Mojave Death Race

The Mojave Death Race was a 250+ mile relay race held over a 24-hour period on a weekend in June. A team consisting of 12 runners and cyclists covered a total of 21 relay legs starting and finishing at the Primm casinos in Nevada but looping into California as far south as Historic Route 66 in the Mojave Desert in California. If you love running up hill in the desert heat on a windy summer afternoon or like cycling down a dark dirt road on a freezing, moonless evening, or take special joy in running the US Marines into the sand or just like zipping around the desert shuttling bicycles between hand off points - you just may be a Death Racer.

The JPL Running Club fielded teams in this race starting in 1998.

Some results from past years are linked below. Additional results will be posted as they become available.

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