1998 Fall 2 Mile Track Race Results

The JPL Running Club held it Fall Intercenter Challenge 2 Mile track race on Wednesday November 4, 1998 at 5:00 pm. We had ten competitors for this run, which was held at the La Canada High School track. Len Efron lead from the start, wearing 20 year old track shoes. Rober Korechoff, David Hansen and Ray Garcia formed a tight pack for the entire race. The rest of the field spread out and tried to reach the finish line before darkness fell. Next year we will have to arrange for the track lights to be turned on. Conditions were cold and crisp with no wind or smog. Water was provided for all participants. Thanks to race director Dave Hansen and to Sam Dolinar who stopped by to lend moral support.
Len Efron M 12:42
Rober Korechoff M 13:11
David Hansen M 13:18
Ray Garcia M 13:20
Mark Ryne M 14:03
Dave Bell M 15:05
Paul Stella M 15:57
Bill Epping M 15:17
Susan Merrill F 16:21
Earl Higa M 16:25