2002 Annual Smog Jog 4 x 1 Mile Relay Race Results

The JPL Running Club held it's annual Smog Jog on Thursday, August 15, 2002 at noon. The Smog Jog is a 4 x 1 mile relay held at the La Canada High School track. We had a field of twenty enthusiastic runners plus enough helpers to make keep things from getting too disorganized. On the other hand, the smog was a complete noshow. Temperatures in the mid eighties and light wind made for fine running weather.

We usually choose balanced teams so that the race stays relativily close. But this year, several groups of runners made teams and partial teams prior to the race and showed up ready to run. Everyone really wanted to run with their own team, so we just ignored the speed difference and had a good time.

The race was won by the "Division 42" team, beating "Caltech" by 31 seconds. "Section 331" made a strong showing while "Deathrace" flat-lined and "OPCOMM" ran at approximately 10 bps...

Thanks to all the spectators who showed up. Thanks to everyone for being patient while we sorted out the teams and worked through the new "release" form signing mess. The race was directed by Mark Ryne.

Pictures will hopefully be added to this web sight in the near future.

Team Time
Division 42 23:51
Caltech 24:22
Section 331 26:14
Deathrace 29:20
OPCOMM 29:37

Division 42 Time
Davie Robison 5:57
Garth Franklin 6:34
Larry Young 5:46
Pavel Gorelik 5:34
Caltech Time
Steve Youra 5:48
David Wald 6:02
Trevor Roper 6:14
Steve Vass 6:20
Section 331 Time
Bruce Moision 5:47
Karen Webster 6:57
Sam Dolinar 7:07
Jeremy Thorpe 6:23
Deathrace Time
Ron Morgan 5:39
Jim Weiler 10:27
Thierry Michel 6:04
Feiming Morgan 7:10
Tom Roberts 7:52
Abi Biswas 8:30
David Hansen 6:48
Malcolm Wright 6:27