1998 Fall 10 km Race Results

The JPL Running Club held it Fall Intercenter Challenge 10k race on Wednesday October 21, 1998 at 5:00 pm. We had eight competitors for this run, which is two laps around the Rose Bowl on paved streets. Weather conditions were perfect at 75 degrees, no smog and the sun just setting behind the hills above the Arroyo. We has a good variety in ages and capabilities. Cold drinks were provided for all participants. Welcome to first time Club runners Dave Bell, John Bennett, Mike Keesey and Michael Razeggi. Thanks to race director Ken Erickson and to Helen Erickson and Jan Beyer for their enthusiastic support.
Thierry Caillat M 42:10
Ray Garcia M 43:54
Mark Ryne M 46:18
Pat Beyer M 49:42
Michael Razeggi M 53:05
Dave Bell M 54:22
John Bennett M 58:19
Mike Keesey M 61:52