1998 Spring Handicap 2mi Race Results

The Spring 2 mile Handicap Race was held on April 15, 1998. Eight runners participated this year.

This is a fun race. Each competitors start time is staggered according to an estimate of his/her race time. This results in just about everybody finishing the race at the same time. This means that anyone, irregardless of whether you are a sprinter or a casual walker, can win the race. It's certainly more fun then running to mail your taxes...

Everyone ran faster than predicted this year. The race is run entirely on the paved road above the East Gate and was directed by Mark Ryne.

Paul Stella M 16:45 -00:04
Sam Dolinar M 14:00 -00:09
Rich Benson M 16:00 -00:17
Dave Scaff M 16:00 -00:31
Bob Edelson M 18:00 -00:38
Bob Ibaven M 16:00 -00:46
Susan Merrill F 17:00 -01:14
Steve Stedry M 18:00 -02:23