2008 Fall Know Your Pace (Handicap) 2mi Race

Friday October 3, first runner starts at 12:15pm

Full results are now available.

Green Dot Course on Road above JPL East Parking Lot (same start location as the August Smog Jog)

*****Please RSVP to Rhea Borja at rhea.r.borja@jpl.nasa.gov***** (Include your name and estimated 2 mile race time for seeding. This will help us prepare as much as possible before the race.)

This is a fun race!

Each competitor's start time is staggered according to his/her own estimate of his/her race time. This results in just about everybody finishing the race at the same time. It also means that anyone, regardless of whether you are a sprinter or a casual walker, can win the race. Officially, the winner is the person whose run time is closest to his/her estimate without exceeding it. For example, 10 seconds faster is better than 1 second slower (I know, its a strange race). Runners are not allowed to wear watches during the race.

See the Know Your Pace overview page for more details.

In years past, the handicap has worked as advertised - the fastest and slowest runners have finished within seconds of each other.

VOLUNTEERS: Can't run but want to help? Then contact Rhea! We need volunteers to help time the race, snap photos, take down runner info, bring water, etc. Please come out to help the race and cheer on the racers if you can't run.