1998 Fall Arroyo Seco 2 Mile Race Results

The JPL Running Club held it Fall Intercenter Challenge Arroyo Seco 2 Mile race on Wednesday and Thursday, November 11 and 12, 1998 at lunchtime. The race was held on two consecutive days because of rainy weather. We had total of 15 competitors for both days. On Wendesday the race was held between rain showers with a temperature of 55 degrees and overcast skys. The field of seven was composed mostly of Running Club veterans. On Thursday the temperature was 67 degrees and sunny. Three groups ran at different times, made up of mostly new members to the Running Club. There was no smog on either day. Water was provided for all participants. Thanks to race director Mark Ryne and to Susan Merrill and Len Efron for helping setup the cones and time the race.
Eric Rignot M 11:57
Thierry Michel M 12:34
Bill Read M 13:02
Mark Vincent M 13:02
Leo Bister M 13:09
Dave Hansen M 13:36
Sam Dolinar M 14:22
Richard Chen M 14:29
Bruce Chippindale M 14:39
Dave Bell M 14:41
Dave Childs M 14:47
Bill Epping M 15:24
Tracy Clark F 15:46
Earl Higa M 15:46
Dave Scaff M 16:08