2012 Not Really Annual Christmas Run Report

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24 runners joined up for a second, recently annual running of the JPL Running Club's Not Really Annual Christmas run on RDO Friday December 14, 2012. It was a beautiful day, cool and sunny (see pictures), perfect for a run into the mountains. A big thanks go out to Run Coordinator (aka "race director") Sam Dolinar for running this again. To live up to its name, the run was done up the Brown Mountain fire road, with several people going as far as the saddle this time. See comments and a list of participants below.

Pictures from the run were taken by Melora Larson.

Name Turnaround Time Comments
Dave Bell hairpin curve + 1/4 mi ~1 hr ran with Frank Picha
David Campbell the saddle med-fast ran with Bill Read; a lot of fun
Joe Catanzarite the saddle 76:49 8.9 mi + 1339 ft elev gain, per MapMyRun on Android
Alexandra Chau hairpin curve 85:18 (started late) walked with Baris & Sam to antenna, then with Sam to hairpin; started & ended at East Gate or Parking Lot
Mike Cheng the antenna ~1 hr  (started late) jogged with Sam & Bruce to East Gate, then with Bruce to bottom of Brown Mtn Rd, then alone to antenna and back
Doug Clark the saddle 1:32 Thanks for organizing
Sam Dolinar hairpin curve 94:09 (started late) jogged some with Mike & Bruce; walked with Alexandra & Baris; ended at East Parking Lot
Baris Erkmen hairpin curve slow/walk  (started late) walked with Alexandra & Sam from East Gate to antenna; then to hairpin and return to South Gate with Bruce
Dave Hansen hairpin curve 79:36 I finished!  Merry Christmas!
Akiko Hayashi the saddle 49 min up + 41 min down good company for the run and the temperature was perfect
Ulf Israelsson the saddle 9:04/mi 10 up, 8 down; fun
Melora Larson hairpin curve slow returned to Bldg 18 via East Gate; great day for a run
John LuValle the saddle ~1:45 ran with Margaret Srinivasan
Bruce Moision hairpin curve twice medium
(started late)
initially ran with Mike and Sam, then alone to hairpin and back to antenna, then a second time to hairpin with Baris + return to JPL
Feiming Morgan the antenna 42 min can't ask for better weather and better companions
Ron Morgan the saddle med-fast ran with Bill Read & others
Maxim Neumann the saddle med-fast beautiful up there; first time for me; advertise a bit more
Kelly Perry the antenna slow
(started late)
ran with her dog Rudy
Frank Picha hairpin curve + 3/8 mi ~1 hr ran with Dave Bell
Bill Read the saddle med-fast enjoyed the company; back on Lab by 12:06pm
Margaret Srinivasan the saddle ~1:45 ran with John LuValle
it was great!
Paul Stella hairpin curve 65:33 perfect day; moderately cool temperatures; a little sweating on the uphill but not excessive chilling on the return
Larry Young the saddle 86:44 great day for a run
Padma Varanasi approx to Teddys Outpost slow needed to do an easier run, so stayed on the canyon trail