2011 Not Really Annual Christmas Run Report

24 runners joined up for a return of the JPL RUnning Club's Not Really Annual Christmas run on RDO Friday December 16, 2011. It was a beautiful day, cool though often very windy, perfect for a run into the mountains. A big thanks go out to Run Coordinator (aka "race director") Sam Dolinar for brining this back. Because of fear of potential wind storm related trail closures in the Arroyo (2 weeks previously), the run was done up the Brown Mountain fire road, with several people going as far as Millard canyon. See comments and a list of participants below.

Pictures from the run were taken by Melora Larson and John Luvalle.

Name Route Turnaround Time Comments
Charlie Avis BMR the saddle 88 min 53min up, 35min down.  "Gusts actually stopped me a couple of times.  Wearing a cap was a bad idea."
Steve Broschart BMR the saddle 90+ min It was a beautiful day for a run
Simon Collins BMR the saddle 80 min I made it back safely, wasn't blown off the road!
Nicole Czakon BMR the saddle
Sam Dolinar BMR the antenna
Olivier Dore BMR ??? It was great fun!
Julie Jakoboski BMR Millard Campground ~2h 15min Everyone was really nice.  It was kind of nice starting late because I got to say hi to lots of people along the way! Provided link to garmin data for her run to Millard! Note the track does not start until she is 1/4 mile or so into the run.
Bob Korechoff BMR the saddle "I went to the saddle.  As for trail conditions,  it was a nice day for a run except for the occasional gusts of wind.  Thanks for organizing the run."
Melora Larson BMR the antenna 48min I went in East gate and stopped in front of building 310.  I wish I could have recorded the sound of the wind whistling through the trees.
John LuValle BMR the saddle 77 min A very enjoyable trip.  (Took and shared several pictures!)
Bruce Moision BMR hairpin turn
Feiming Morgan BMR the antenna 40min
Ron Morgan BMR top of Chaney Trail ~2h 15min Ran with Mark Schwochert (see below)
Bret Naylor BMR the saddle
Kelly Perry BMR the antenna
Andreea Petric BMR Millard campground ~3h 30min Ran with Mark Ryne 
Frank Picha BMR ???
Bill Read BMR the saddle ~90 min Before the run he gave a nice history of the run.
Jason Rhodes BMR 3/4 mile past saddle "I was with the front group and I gather others went a different way than we did from the saddle."
Eric Rignot BMR the saddle 65min 10sec (Started late) "It was fun to see all these people on our beautiful mountain but I missed my running partners Jakob and Leon."
Mark Ryne BMR Millard campground ~3h 30min ran with Andreea Petric
Mark Schwochert BMR top of Chaney Trail ~2h 15min "Ron Morgan and I did the Sunset Ridge to the top of Chaney Trail and back via the Brown Mountain saddle.  On our way back at the saddle we met up with Julie on her way back from Millard capground and the 3 of us finished together.  There were a couple of pretty strong wind gusts that pushed us around a bit but other than the wind it was a beautiful day.  Tanks you for keeping the tradition going.  It was fun!"
Paul Stella BMR the antenna
Bob Thurstans BMR the saddle ~90 min Thanks to everyone who turned out!

It's been years since I've run up to the saddle and back so I appreciated running with various people along the way!  Although I can no longer run a 40 min. flat 10k, it's nice to know that I can still make it to the saddle (and back!) in around 90 minutes. This was the second time I ran this year, perhaps I'll do 3 runs next year!
Larry Young BMR the antenna