2013 Not Really Annual Christmas Run Report

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26 runners joined up for a second, recently annual running of the JPL Running Club's Not Really Annual Christmas run on the JPL Auto Show Friday December 20, 2013. It was a beautiful day, 60'ish, calm, clear, and sunny (pictures here), perfect for a run into the mountains. Melora Larson stepped in for an overworked Sam Dolinar to be this year's Run Coordinator (aka "race director"). To live up to its name, the run was done up the Brown Mountain fire road, with several people going as far as the end of the Brown Mountain Road, and one went to Millard this time. See comments and a list of participants below.

Name Turnaround Time Comments
Fernando Aguirre ?    
David Bell Saddle 1:19 running app said 7.17 miles
Rich Benson 1/4 mile past hairpin 1:15 walked with Sam
Leo Boster Saddle ~1:45  
Brendan Crill Top Brown Mt Rd 1:57  
Brian Custodero Antenna ~~  
Sam Dolinar 1/4 mile past hairpin 1:15 walked with Rich
Olivier Dore Top Brown Mt Rd 1:57  
Tom Farr Millard <2 back El Prieto
Christian Frankenberg Saddle-back El Prieto <2  
Scott Gluck Saddle <2  
David Hansen hairpin 1  
Ulf Israelsson Saddle <1:30 down El Prieto
Melora Larson 1/4 mile past hairpin 0:56 31 minutes up
Leon Maldonado Saddle-back El Prieto < 2  
Maxim Neumann antenna or hairpin    
Naiara Pinto 1/4 mile past hairpin ~hour  
Bill Read Saddle-back El Prieto < 2 with added bonus pushups
Mark Schwochert Top Brown Mt Rd 1:57  
Sara Spanglo Top Brown Mt Rd 1:57  
Paul Stella Saddle 1:32 went further than intended…
Tushar Thrivikraman Antenna ~hour walked
Theophania Tingley Antenna ~~  
Haylie Wright 1/4 mile past hairpin 44  
Malcolm Wright 1/4 mile past hairpin 44  
Larry Young Saddle-back El Prieto <2 back El Prieto