44th Annual Running of the ARROYO SECO FREAKO

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A total of 53 runners (42 men and 11 women) showed up on an almost perfect day to run in the 44th Annual Arroyo Seco Freako Microthon (Charles Voge Memorial Run) on April 2nd, 2018. Weather for this year's race was cool and sunny, with race time temperatures in the mid 60's. While the first man and the first woman both won their divisions easily, we had several very close finishes and some ties. Overall, everyone seemed to have a great time.

The race was won by a new face, Matt Talpe, in a time of 18:55 (15 seconds faster than last year's winning time). Matt was followed by last year's winner, Christopher Chatellier, in a time of 19:42. Third place finisher Mike Kerkman came in with a time of 20:08. All three of these times were some of the fastest times we have had using this course.

The first woman runner to finish, Sophia Mitchell, came in 13th place with a time of 24:29. Sophia was followed in second place by Denise Nichols, with a time of 26:13, for an overall finish of 17th. The third woman to cross the finish line was Amanda Gru, with a time of 27:55, and overall she finished in a 3 way tie for 22nd place.

Congratulations go to out to all of the participants. The full set of race photos will hopefully be posted depending on resolving some software issues. This was a good turnout, especially given that the race was run on the Monday after an RDO, after Easter. We did have several close finishes, which made the race very exciting to watch.

It is always important to have a good crew of volunteers at the finish line, and we were lucky enough to be able to make use of the spouses of some of the runners (people who did not know they were helping, until we told them (nicely)). The finish crew recorded finish times, handed out finish cards, and collected them for all 53 participants who crossed the finish line.
A huge thanks to Sam Dolinar for marking the course (and un-marking the course) as well as for calling out the finishing times. Melora Larson was overall race Director (managed registration), recorded times, and took pictures at the start and of the finishers. Kelly Perry made sure we had all of the finish cards and finish times matched to the names on the cards. The additional finish line helpers included Nancy Stella (who just came to watch Paul run his last Freako before retirement), and one other person who's name I did not write down (she came to watch her husband and son race). All in all, it was a top-notch performance by an ad-hoc crew. Thanks!

I will let the Club know when (if?) all of the race pictures get posted.

2018 Arroyo Seco Freako Microthon Results

Place Place-div Time Name notes
1   18:55 Matt Talpe  
2   19:42 Christopher Chatellier  
3   20:08 Mike Kerkman  
4   20:28 Brendan Crill  
5   21:42 Dustin Lagoy  
6   21:47 Zak Staniszewski  
7   22:09 Gregory Whiffen  
8   23:28 Christopher Davin  
9   23:32 Kirk McKenzie  
10   23:47 William Walsh  
11   24:01 Fabian Schneider  
12   24:11 Zahi Tarzi  
13 F-1 24:29 Sophia Mitchell  
14   24:36 Matthew Rozek  
15   24:48 Ulf Israelsson  
16   25:32 Louis Tse  
17 F-2 26:13 Denise Nichols  
18   26:38 Reg Wilson  
19   26:41 Luke Dahl and his dog Walter
20   27:15 Jonathan Grandidier  
21   27:18 Brian Custodero  
22   27:55 Ethan Geipel 3 way tie
22 F-3 27:55 Amanda Grue 3 way tie
22   27:55 Scott Judge 3 way tie
25   28:07 Michael Stella  
26   28:20 William Read  
27   28:30 Larry Young  
28   28:50 Geoffrey Bryden  
29   29:02 Bryce Kim Son
30   29:02 Sab (Seungbum) Kim Father
31   29:08 Mai Drummond  
32   29:19 Ryan Sorenson  
33   29:24 Norman Metzner  
34   29:46 Allison Yu  
35   29:46 Brian Castello  
36   30:33 Elizabeth Carey  
37   31:33 Feiming Morgan  
38   31:47 Bret Naylor  
39   31:51 Michael Kleine  
40   32:39 Sarah Elizabeth McCandless  
41   32:39 Erin Stearns  
42   32:39 Oleg Sindiy almost caught them
43   33:26 Mike Pauken  
44   33:51 Steve Unwin  
45   33:56 Brian Pepper  
46   34:01 Edward Villanueva  
47   34:16 Christopher Esquer-Rosas  
48   35:49 David Hansen  
49   36:58 Matt Bennett  
50   37:30 Elizabeth Real  
51   38:36 Bill Epping  
52   41:06 Paul Stella  
53   42:04 Mark Ryne