43rd Annual Running of the ARROYO SECO FREAKO

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A total of 43 runners (35 men and 8 women) showed up on an almost perfect day to run in the 43rd Annual Arroyo Seco Freako Microthon (Charles Voge Memorial Run) on March 30th, 2017. Weather for this year's race was beautifully sunny, with race time temperature around 74 degrees. Strong competition between the top 2 racers brought out some of the fastest times (minutes/mile) that this race has ever seen.


2017 Arroyo Seco Freako start

The race was won for the second year in a row by Christopher Chatellier in a time of 19:10 (30 seconds faster than his winning time last year). Christopher was followed very, very closely by second place finisher Matthew Thill with a time of 19:11, and then by third place winner Jason Rhodes finishing almost 2 minutes later (21:04).

The first woman runner to finish, Charlotte Smetanka, came in 11th place with a time of 24:12. Last year's women's 2nd place woman Andrea Stringham was again the second fastest women racer in a time of 25:13 (a slight improvement from her time last year) for an overall finish of 15th (same as last year).

Congratulations go to out to all of the participants. The full set of race photos will hopefully be posted depending on resolving some software issues. This was a smaller turnout than we have had recently, but perhaps the late Spring Break for La Canada impacted runner's availability. We did have several close finishes (including 1st and 2nd), which made the race very exciting to watch.

It is always important to have a good crew of volunteers at the finish line, and we were lucky enough to have a great set of helpers this year. The finish crew accurately recorded finish times for all 40 participants who crossed the finish line (two runners went back on lab at the East gate with out letting us know, and one of the volunteers even tracked them down). A huge thanks to Sam Dolinar for marking the course (and un-marking the course) as well as for calling out the finishing times. Melora Larson was overall race Director and took pictures at the start and of the finishers. Helpers at the start included Ian Tan and Kathleen Harmon. The finish line helpers included Ian Tan, Kathleen Harmon, Brendan Crill, John May, and Dariush Divsalar (who took more pictures). All in all, it was a top-notch performance by a top-notch start/finish crew. Thanks!

I will let the Club know when (if?) all of the race pictures get posted.

2017 Arroyo Seco Freako Microthon Results

Place Place-div Time Name notes
1   19:10 Christopher Chatellier Overall winner
2   19:11 Matthew Thill Very close second
3   21:04 Jason Rhodes  
4   21:20 Duane Howard  
5   21:32 Zak Staniszewski  
6   21:55 Craig Stingham  
7   23:16 Alastair Heptonstall  
8   23:56 David Robison  
9   24:05 Craig Bennett Pulled away in the homestretch
10   24:06 Kyle Uckert Could not quite keep up with Craig, but he tried.
11 1-F 24:12 Charlotte Smetanka First woman finisher, and she had to double back once.
12   24:34 Bill Read  
13   24:45 Ulf Israelsson  
14   24:52 Bogdan Oaida  
15 2-F 25:13 Andrea Stringham Same place (15, 2-F) and ~time as last year
16 3-F 25:43 Agnes Konefat  
17   26:00 Reg Willson  
18   26:13 Koji Arai  
19   26:46 Brian Custodero  
20   26:59 Michael Cruz-Herrera  
21   27:09 Caz Scislowicz  
22 4-F 27:12 Carlyn Lee  
23   27:44 Malcolm Wright  
24   28:30 Brendan Marozus  
25   28:36 Shyam Bhaskaran  
26   28:42 Steve Vass  
27   28:51 Larry Young  
28   29:02 Lucien Froidevaux same place finish as last year
29 5-F 29:14 Jennifer Whitehead  
30   30:52 Ed Konefat  
31 6-F 33:23 Mai Drummond  
32 7-F 33:31 Theresa Fukuno  
33   34:15 Oleg Sindiy  
34   34:27 Steve Unwin  
35 1-child 34:52 Bryce Kim Just beat his dad
36   34:52 Sab (Seungbum) Kim Beat by his son
37   35:08 Chris Esquel-Rojas  
38   38:29 Bob Gallagher  
39   39:16 William Epping  
40   45:52 Robert Thurstans  
DNF   NA Miles Smith Returned to finish line
DNF   NA Daisy Ramos returned to JPL/no check in
DNF   NA Cesar Romano returned to JPL/no check in