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Forty one runners came out for the 38th annual Arroyo Seco Freako 3.4 mile race on Friday, March 30, 2012. Starting at slightly after noon and accompanied by Rich Benson's can opeing, the group of engineers, scientists and other n'er-do-wells raced around Hahamongna Park counterclockwise. The weather was good for a noon run: sunny and low to mid-70's. It was an exciting race with many close finishes. We also had 2 runners who had run in the 2nd Arroyo Seco Freako running in the race (John Merhaut, and Rick Benson). John had not run this race in 20 years, so it was wonderful to have him come out and join us (even if he did beat almost 3/4th of the other runners).

Last year's runner up (Jason Rhodes) improved almost a minute on his time, and a place in his finish, to win this year's Freako in a time of 20min, 50sec. Eric Rignot came in second for the men, in a time of 21:20, followed by new comer Denis Martyna in third with a time of 21:52. The women's winner (Julie Jakoboski) came in 9th place overall, with a very fast time of 23:33. There were many close finishes, keeping the volunteers at the finish line on our toes. Hopefully everyone had a great time (they looked like they did).

Jason Rhodes- winner AFS2012Julie Jakoboski: women's winner ASF2012

Many thanks to all who ran. Special thanks go to race volunteers Sam Dolinar (who marked the course, and took a second lap after running the race to pick the makers back up), Ana Trujillo and Hua Xie for helping both with registering the runners and at the finish, and a big thanks to Kelly Perry for making sure we got the names of each finisher (in the correct order).

Thanks everyone, from the race director Melora Larson.

Pictures from the start of the race can be found here, while pictures of the finish of the race can be found here.

Place Name Time
1 Jason Rhodes 20:50
2 Eric Rignot 21:20
3 Denis Martyna 21:52
4 Kirk McKenzie 22:17
5 Leon Maldonado 22:30
6 Reg Willson 23:02
7 Fernando Aguirre 23:17
8 Alastair Heptonstall 23:29
9 (*1) Julie Jakoboski 23:33
10 Chung-Lun (Ernie) Chuang 23:46
11 Bill Read 24:07
12 Frank Picha 24:18
13 John Merhaut 24:22
14 Mauricio Sanchez 24:27
15 Steve Broschart 24:30
16 Koji Arai 24:39
17 Tushar Thrivikraman 24:44
18 Ulf Israelsson 25:06
19 Nicholas Parazoo 25:36
20 Robert Korechoff 26:03
21 Christian Frankenberg 26:14
22 Jay Parker 26:44
23 Steve Vass 26:54
24 Brian Custodero 27:25
25 David Bell 27:32
26 Stephen Unwin 28:04
27 David Bates 29:06
28 Robert Thurstans 29:12
29 Joe Catanzarite 29:22
30 David Van Buren 30:22
31 Adam Coleman 30:47
32 David Hansen 32:37
33 Randy Dodge 34:06
34 Paul Stella 34:34
35 Bruce Bills 35:49
36 Keiko Kokeyama 36:00
37 Sam Dolinar 36:08
38 Michael Cheng 36:57
39 Marvin Cruz 37:35
40 Richard Brace 39:30
41 Rick Benson 47:43