1999 Arroyo Seco Freako Microthon Announcement and Results

From: "RDC1::MSR"@oscar.jpl.nasa.gov
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 23:22:04 GMT
To: Samuel.J.Dolinar-Jr@jpl.nasa.gov
Subject: JPL Running Club - Freako 5km Trail Run

JPL Running Club - Freako 5km Run

The JPL Running Club is holding it's 25th annual Arroyo Seco
Freako (Charles Voge Memorial Race) 5 km cross country race
NEXT week on Thursday, April 1, 1999. That's right, this run (I corrected the date--Sam)
is older than Voyager. Not many things last 25 years at JPL...

The course a single loop around Hahamongna Park (Oak Grove).
The race is about 5 km, mostly off road, and mostly shady.
Be aware that it can be either very hot or very cold on raceday.

Participation ribbons and COLD soft drinks will be passed
out following the run.

Meet at the Oak Grove Park lower parking lot near the baseball
diamond at 11:45 am. Race directors are Bob Ibaven and Rich Benson.
Rich's Duck Call starts race at Noon sharp, rain or shine. Please
RSVP to Mark Ryne so we can bring enough drinks for everyone.

Mark Ryne


P. S. - I have applications for the Mt Wilson Trail race if
anyone is interested.

From: "RDC1::MSR"@oscar.jpl.nasa.gov
Date: Fri, 2 Apr 1999 17:10:00 GMT
To: Samuel.J.Dolinar-Jr@jpl.nasa.gov
Subject: JPL Running Club - Freako 5km Race Results

1999 Arroyo Seco Freako 5 km Race Results

The 25th Annual Arroyo Seco Freako 5 km Race was held on
April 1, 1999. Thirty enthusiastic runners braved cold,
light rain, wind and sink holes. The temperature dropped
10 degrees in the hour prior to the race and we actually
watched it snowing on the mountains as we ran. This year
the course was chosen to match the "traditional" course,
used when the race was inaugurated. It was run mostly on
trails and involved a single loop around Hahamongna Park
(formerly Oak Grove or Devils Gate). The race was again
started by Dick Davies, one of the runners from the first
annual race. Ribbons and COLD drinks were provided for all
participants - next year we'll have to try hot chocolate.

Thanks to race directors Bob Ibaven and Rich Benson for
their well marked course and Priscilla Benson, Eileen
Clark and Terra Sorensen for their support. Bill Adler,
Paul Herrera and Mark Ryne also attended the race.


Name Gender Time

Bill Read M 19:07
Randy Brown M 21:05
Steve Vass M 22:21
Ron Morgan M 22:50
Bob Korechoff M 23:04
Steve Stedry M 23:13
Roy Kakuda M 23:15
Al Cangahula M 23:19
Dave Hansen M 23:55
Greg Koellner M 24:06:00
Richard Cirillo M 24:09:00
Wayne Harvey M 24:42:00
Dave Bell M 25:32:00
Sam Dolinar M 25:32:00
Joe Ajello M 26:10:00
Michael Razeggi M 26:28:00
Akiko Hayashi F 27:04:00
Mark Vincent M 27:40:00
Aaron Kiely M 27:51:00
Muli Kifle M 27:56:00
Bob Thrustans M 28:15:00
Paul Stella M 28:25:00
Susan Merrill F 29:14:00
Karen McBride F 29:19:00
Cliff Findley M 29:23:00
Jim Frautnick? M 29:33:00
Rich Benson M 29:33:00
Ray Lemus M 32:36:00
Kathy O'Hara F 33:04:00
Calvin Brantley M 40:15:00