1997 Arroyo Seco Freako Microthon Announcement and Results

Subject: Tuesday Run Arroyo Seco Freako
From: Roy Y Kakuda
Date: 3/28/97 11:09 AM

Arroyo Seco Freako (Charles Voge Memorial Race)

5 km cross country race (for runners and joggers)

Tuesday April 1,1997

11:45 AM, Rich's Duck Call starts race at Noon sharp.

Meet at Oak Grove Park lower parking lot near base ball diamond.

Free to everyone.

Ribbons and refreshments.

Race director are Bob Ibaven and Rich Benson


Judging from the times (and Mark's announcement for the 1998 race the following year),
it looks like 1997 was the final year that the Freako was run over the exact 5-K course,
entirely on the west side of the wash. --- note added by Sam 4/7/11.

Arroyo Seco Freako 5 km Cross Country Race


Runner Sex  Time
Merrill, Susan F  26:08
Carlon, Maria F  26:56
Clark, Eileen F  29:16
Read, Bill M  18:07
Linfield, Roger M  19:21
Korechoff, Robert M  20:27
Hansen, Dave M  22:18
Dolinar, Sam M  22:50
De La Torre, Manuel M  22:51
Naudet, Chuck M  23:09
Harcke, Leif M  23:30
Ryne, Mark M  23:54
Scaff, Dave M  25:12
Aguero, Rene M  25:13
Kakuda, Roy M  25:13
Stella, Paul M  25:36
Herrera, Paul M  26:07
Horn, Dick M  26:29
Benson, Rich M  30:16